Find Some Ways To Spend More Time With Your Mom !

Mother and daughter convoSometimes being busy can get in the way of spending time with your mother. With these simple tips and ideas, you can find more ways to get to know your mom better!

Ways To Spend More Time With Your Mom:-

  1. Ask to go do something together. Even asking for a simple ice cream cone together or to go bowling together is a sure way to lock her in for some time with you. Or if you’re stuck on time, just ask to go for a short walk together.
  2. Find something you both like. Maybe it’s your love of watching soccer on TV or playing piano, but any way you will find something in common. Your combined hobby will allow you to spend more time with each other.
  3. Jump in on her activities. If she’s going grocery shopping, pop in and ask if you can come along. If she is running errands, come along. You will get some alone time and she will definitely enjoy your company!
  4. Ask her if you can have a day with her to yourself. It will most likely not seen as selfish, but more as wanting to spend time with her!
  5. Show interest in her activities. “Oh, you like to go bowling a lot? How about I go with you next time?”
  6. If all else fails, just tell her your intentions! Just say, “Mom, I really want to spend some time with you, but I’m not sure how. What do you want to do?” She will understand and will probably suggest an idea for you!


  • Don’t be nervous! she probably wants to spend time with you too, and the worst thing you can get is a “Sorry, I’m busy right now.”
  • Consider her feelings. She may not want to see “Zombies Rise” in 3D; likewise, she may even be too tired that day for activities.

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