How to Save a Friendship !

Save Friendship!“Friends are like stars. You don’t always see them but you know they are there.” And while a shooting star is a beautiful thing to observe, a dying friendship is one of the most painful things to experience.However, if you believe that it’s worth trying to save it, then it is worth it. So, if you’re still stirred by a friendship that has given you priceless moments, unconditional love, and treasured memories, at least give saving it a chance. While problems are inevitable, if both of you see the value in saving what you have, focusing on fixing things may just be effective, and your bond may even come through this trial better and stronger than before.

Tips To Save Friendship:-

  • Don’t be afraid to be the one to talk, especially if your friend isn’t speaking up.
  • Turn your cell phone off while spending time with your friend. (S)he should do the same. Constantly interrupting the conversation to answer a call or send a text message shows your friend that you don’t really value your time together.
  • Share something important and personal or ask for advice on some problem. This will stress on the definition of “friendship” – be there for each other – and move the focus off the issue you are trying to put behind.
  • If (s)he is truly your friend, they will feel open with you and vice versa.
  • Do new, exciting things with your friend but also keep the traditions you both enjoy. This will strengthen your relationship even further.
  • Remember to maintain continuing contact with your friend. Sending a Christmas card each year could be a nice gesture.
  • Keep it up. Even when you and your friend have become friends again you must not redo your mistakes and create another problem between you otherwise it will soon become tiring and you will risk losing your friendship forever

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