How to Hug Romantically !

couple-huggingThere are hugs, and there are HUGS. Sometimes, your partner or love interest just wants a hug, but you want to give them the hug that means more. To hug romantically, just follow these steps.

Position your arms to draw your torsos together. In a romantic hug, your torsos—your chests and stomachs—will touch. This is a wonderfully warm and intimate position that emphasizes closeness.Use your hands. Rub one of your hands on his or her back or arm a few times. Or if your hand is by the person’s head, gently stroke their hair, or the back of their neck. A slow caress is romantic. A brisk caress is comical, unless it’s freezing outside and you’re warming up your hugging partner.

Let go slowly. As you pull away, keep your hands on the other person so you’re still touching each other after you hug. This is a good time to look into each others eyes, smile, and speak from the heart.


Tips For Hugging:-

  • A hug brings someone up close and personal, so keep body odor at bay. At the same time, remember that perfume, cologne and breath mints can all make a romantic hug more enjoyable when used lightly. Nothing can draw you out of the moment more than an unpleasant odor emanating from you or your partner, and this can include overpowering perfume.
  • Do everything slowly. Quick grab-and-grins are for people you don’t know or family members you don’t particularly like; slower hugs are meant for someone whose presence you want to savor. Also, because a romantic hug is such an intimate interaction, you’ll want to give the other person plenty of time to stop you if he or she feels uncomfortable. Don’t move at a glacial pace, but do lean in slowly enough that the other person can know what you’re doing.
  • Make sure you smell good, not everybody wants to hug someone who doesn’t smell the best. Also, never rush a hug, take time and relax. Don’t try to make it look like a rehearsed effort. Just go with your emotions.
  • If you enjoy wearing cologne put it on lightly. When she comes close she will get a soft sweet smell from you. Not a nagging, strong repellent from over doing it.
  • Try to use a natural scent of perfume like fruits.
  • Hugging is like dancing or kissing; it’s interactive. You feed off the energy of the other person, and you can’t force a response.
  • Try the front to back hug under the stars and after the hug stay in the position and give her/him a goodnight kiss.

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