How to Make Your Friends Laugh!

How to Make Your Friends LaughLaughter is the best medicine, you can use laughter to make a friend feel better when they’re down. So today i am gonna give you some tips about how to make your friends always happy and glad ! They will definitely laugh and smile  !Just try it once


  1. Make up jokes! Feel free to make up a random joke! It could be about the president or even yourself. There’s a whole world of choices to choose from. If you mess up the joke, laugh about it. Laughing about yourself is even more fun!
  2. Laugh at other people’s pain! Image this, You’re walking down the road with your best friend. It just snowed and the sidewalk is a little icy. Your friend falls! Crack up, it’s alright just don’t do it all the time. Make sure you help the person up. If you don’t, they will be mad at you. Laugh at your own pain too! It may hurt, but man it’s funny!
  3. Make up a catch phrase! Once you make a catch phrase, say it all the time until it catches on. Once it does catch on you can say it a little less often! You don’t want to get on people’s nerves.
  4. Be yourself and funny! You Don’t want to change your life to where it only revolves funny. Stay yourself. Being funny can’t be number 1. It is a use of expression. Laughter is A medicine(not really), but not always the best.
  5. Being funny CAN get you in trouble! You need to use caution when being funny. You really don’t need to do it all the time. It will get annoying and drive people crazy. But it can also get you in serious trouble.

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