Have Fun With the Family at Home !

family-fun-at-homeThere are many methods to have fun at home with the family. Here are some methods i am posting in this post and i hope you will get some tips on having fun with the family at home ! Following are some steps


  1. Tell stories to each other. Family time can have a good story, and this is a good way to do it.
  2. Look at photo albums. Old pictures can help you remember what you did in the pass. Such as a vacation several years before. You may remember!
  3. Play games. Any game can work. Here are the two types of games:
    • Board games: Any board game is for several players, like Sorry!, Trouble, or anything else.
    • Video games: Can be for the whole family. The Wii, like Wii Sports, Wii Play, or anything can work, as they can have up to four players.
    • Card games also work, like Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon card games.
  4. Sing karaoke! This is a good way to test the whole family’s singing skills.
  5. Watch a movie. Any movie can work. Some movies are for fun, while some are action. It’s your choice!
  6. If it’s game day on a sport, watch the game! Cheer for your team!
  7. Watch YouTube videos on the internet. Check for some music videos, or any funny, popular ones.

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