How to Restart Your Life !

prayingThere comes a time in life where we decide to take a new path, hopefully a good one! Here’s how to get started! Create the person you want to be. You can do everything, if you want it enough! Start over. Delete your past and start living as you want..Smile more. It makes you seem super confident even if you aren’t and it will make you seem more friendly to the world around you.Following are some steps for how to restart your life !

  1. Accept yourself for who you are. This step is very hard, but you have to try. Say “I’m beautiful and I love me for me in every way.” in front of the mirror ten times a day. It may seem silly, but it helps! Once you accept yourself, you can accept others. Think of things you love about yourself and say it aloud e.g. “I am a great dancer” or “I am an awesome cook”.
  2. Find a new hobby. Finding a new hobby will keep you distracted from doing bad things. Try new things like drawing, dancing, playing sports or swimming. Look online for ideas, in the news, or ask a friend for a hobby they suggest.
  3. Clean yourself up. Wear clean clothes, brush those teeth, shave, take a shower, brush your hair, and wear deodorant every day. This will make you feel good about yourself, and once that happens others will feel good about you.
  4. Stop swearing, drinking or smoking. If you do any of these things, stop. They are all bad habits that don’t give people a good first impression of you.
  5. Walk with your shoulders up. Keep your confidence! Smile a big grin to the world and stand with pride.
  6. Ditch any bad friends you have. They are your influence. If you don’t ditch them, you will find yourself running in circles.
  7. Be kind. Take kindness into action. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Be helpful and step into the person’s shoes if in a tough situation. Try to understand how they feel first to help them. Say “Hi” to someone new every day and wave to them.
  8. Have faith and hope. Without it, you will be lost.
  9. Wear appropriate clothes. Don’t dress for attention, you’re not an item or an advertisement, so why dress inappropriately? You can still dress with fashion, though. Don’t have any rude sayings on your shirt like ” @#$%^ you!”

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