Cups of Different Colours !

cupsA group of friends met up for their 25th Class Reunion. Hearing that their venerated Professor lived nearby, they decided to pay him a courtesy visit.The professor warmly welcomed them and all sat in the lounge over cups of coffee.There were a number of cups set on the table. A few of them were beautiful cups, brightly coloured with very good designs and a few were bland white cups.
They all took the bright coloured cups and filled coffee and started drinking.’Do you notice something?’, said the Professor, ‘all of you have chosen bright, designer  cups to drink your coffee. None of you have taken the bland, white cups.’
‘However, what you are drinking, coffee, is what matters to you. The colour of the cups is just peripheral to the task of drinking coffee. But you instinctively chose the designer cups’.
‘This is what happens in our lives too’, Professor continued, ‘What matters to us is the values we develop, the happiness that we earn as we progress in life, the strength of our families, the respect that we demonstrate to our parents, number of friends that we have, the valuable time that we spend with our kids as they grow up…’
‘These are all important stuff’, the Professor paused to let it sink in.
‘But what do we focus on? We focus on making money, we focus on building beautiful bungalows, we focus on owning large amounts of property, we focus on our jobs…’
‘These are all peripherals’.
‘We focus on the peripherals, while missing the ‘Coffee’. We work late at the office, on the latest deadline, while we miss our daughter’s performance in the school play. We travel on ‘Business’ and miss our Spouses Birthday. We focus on finding faults with our near and dear while taking for granted the good things that they do for us day after day.’
‘We pull our bed sheet tightly around us and miss the brilliant Sunrise that is welcoming us just outside our window’.
‘It is important to identify the ‘Coffee’ in our lives and focus on them and the ‘Designer Cups’ in our lives and defocus on them’, finished the Professor.

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