How To Kiss Your Gorgeous Girlfriend !

How-to-Kiss-Your-GirlfriendSo you want to kiss your gorgeous girlfriend — but you’re not sure if she’s interested, or you don’t know how to smoothly go in for a kiss? If she wants to kiss it can seem like rocket science, but there are some things you can do to up your odds of an amazing kiss. Here’s how to go about it.Important Tips:-

  • Don’t be pushy, if she shows signs of rejections respect them.
  • Be confident. Girls find it attractive when the guy makes the first move.
  • If a girl shows interest in you, start hanging out with her. Otherwise she’ll end up losing interest.
  • If she pulls away or wants to stop, do not go for more until later. Take a hint. Recognize that you don’t (or no longer) have consent, and be sure to take no for an answer.
  • If it’s cold outside, that is a great opportunity because then you have an excuse to hold her close to you. While you are holding her, be face to face with her and talk to her while your faces are close to each other.
  • Make sure to read her body language as accurately as possible. Don’t go on when she shows that it’s enough.
  • Make yourself as appealing as possible before the kiss. Brush your teeth, floss and use mouthwash before you see her, and keep breath mints handy while you’re out. Showering, shaving, and otherwise smelling nice are also essential. Keep your braces clean, if you have them.
  • If she pulls away it may get awkward, but be sure to maintain some sort of conversation.
  • Don’t try to go in for a French kiss too quickly; sometimes this can startle a girl and make her feel pressured, or she could be a girl who is not comfortable with your tongue in her mouth.
  • Be courageous. She’s possibly as nervous as you, so some of her signals may indicate that she’s closing herself up (like arm folding and looking away) but it could be nerves. Be kind, gentle and thoughtful and go slowly. If she warms to you, it’ll become obvious. However, if she says no, she means it; do not insist.

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