How to Use the Power of Your Smiles to Your Advantage !

Smiling-CoupleSmiles, they’re beautiful and yet freely given to everyone around you. A smile can never run out of style and out of mode for they are the best things one can ever wear.Inexpensive too, smiles create an infinite impact on people and life in general. A smile given to the right person at the right time could influence what that person does next and the choices they make.



  1. Position your smile as the best rapport building tool. The smile is one of the most important strategies in dealing with people in all walks of life and is an important means for building and establishing rapport. Given the reality that our enjoyment of life depends to a great extent on how we manage and connect with people, a sincere smile is always the best strategy to build and establish rapport. The smile maintains attention, helps bolster open body language, and reassures the other person of your sincerity. Be the first to smile; don’t wait for others!
  2. Position your smile to break down walls of indifference. We all have our individuality and preferences as to what kind of people we’d like to hang out with. Sometimes people carry with them ideas about people and respond to them based simply on how they look, carry themselves, or dress. While this response of building invisible walls around a person for the sake of self-preservation is normal for many people, and is something to respect when interacting with others, it doesn’t stop you from being able to use the smile as a way to melt the walls of indifference.
  3. Use your smile to affect choices positively. A bad mood usually results in facial characteristics reflecting the negative feelings, including a frown, furrowed face lines, and perhaps a scowling demeanor. A smile changes the equation immediately. And in so doing, choosing to smile instead of frown can influence your choices about everything else you do that day. A smile can brighten your mood, improve your outlook, and lead you to make positive choices using sound and good judgment.
  4. Change lives with your smile. Smile affects things and lives around us. People, pets, and even the systems in which we work and socialize are at the mercy of our treatment. When we smile, our mood brightens up and affects our responses towards both beings and objects. The positivity that emanates from relying on the smile to guide our way helps us to love our life, and to be inspired to treat others with kindness and compassion, realizing that all beings matter and that smooth-running systems make life easier. Our pets deserve our kindness, out wilting potted plants deserve watering and weeding, and the people we meet each and every day deserve our warmth and appreciation. The smile’s after effect? Love, gentleness, goodness and compassion start to flow out from you as a perfectly natural response.
  5. Position your smile to give hope. Some people find that when they are hurt and fall into despair, they tend to become negative and seek to manage the world so as to minimize their interactions to avoid being harmed again. In doing so, they can withdraw and find life meaningless and cruel. A well timed and caring smile could give such unhappy people a glimpse of hope as they see that another person does care and does find this life meaningful. A smile means that they can share that meaning. Lift their mood with your smile, the smile of hope.
  6. Share your attitude. A smile could be an indication of a great attitude. Smiling is one of the best responses towards mistakes and failures; that kind of smile says “D’oh! I am so human!”. Using humor in the face of shortcomings shows a great attitude and at the same time wisdom. Smile, brighten up and be wiser the next time around!
  7. Know peace share peace. A smile is a powerful tool for peace. It is a powerful gift and is one that can help to initiate and maintain peace through its expression of love, understanding, humility, and kindness. Smiles in the family create unity and acceptance; smiles in the face of danger express a determination to overcome hardship with a level head and a kind heart. Smiles can hold together a nation and a world, in peace. Smile, and it will be a great life ahead!


  • A smile goes a long way!
  • Be sensitive in flashing your smiles. It would be an insult when a person is hurting and we flash him our biggest smile. A timid smile is proper when we express out positive things during our conversations. Practice the different types of smiles and do be extremely careful with grins!
  • A sweet smile coming from any face is sweet, but a smile is sweeter when we take care of our mouth through proper hygiene. Be sure to keep your teeth clean! It’s hard to accept your beautiful smile with spinach stuck in your teeth.
  • Don’t smile constantly. As stated above, there are good and bad times to smile. Don’t walk around smiling 24/7. People will find that creepy.

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