How to Make Eye Contact With a Girl !

eyecontactWant to get a girl to notice you? Eye contact can be key to an excellent initial connection with a girl that you’ve liked for a while or even with a girl that you would like to get to know better.Tips For Making Eye Contact !

*She blushed when you saw her looking at you? Well, it’s almost 100% sure she likes you. But don’t overdo your reaction. Maybe she blushed because she felt uncomfortable with you looking at her.

*If she is far from you, it’s better you don’t look away if she looks at you.

*While looking at her, try to smile, but don’t overdo it, it will freak her out.

*Winking might make things seem awkward but if you know her or if you just want to make a joke then you can.

*NEVER overdo whatever you do. Unwanted attention may embarrass you,even both of you, and make her think you are very weird.

*Don’t stare. Most members of society interpret this as unattractive.


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