How to Stop Being Dependent on Someone Else !

i-can-do-itDo you think you’re just too dependent on a certain person? want to be able to rely on yourself? This article can help you get over this habit.Following are some steps how to be independent


Don’t always accept help from them. If it’s something really hard or really serious, and you’ve tried to fix it yourself and can’t, get help. If it’s something easy and you know you can do it, do it. Don’t rely on them to do the tasks you can do.

Start and finish your tasks. If you’re constantly asking a friend or family member to start or finish something you did, you should do it yourself so you don’t become dependent on them to always do your personal tasks. It’s okay to ask for help sometimes, just not all the time. Plus, you get the glory and satisfaction of doing the task by yourself without any help!

If the situation is about money, think more carefully about how you shop. This will give you the extra money for emergencies, activities, and keep you from asking people to borrow money. But if it’s something that affects your or another persons health, or another serious situation, it’s fine to ask for the money to help you out. Other than that, you should be able to do this with your own money.

Dependent on a certain person’s company? It’s okay to spend time with them, but you should have more people to express your feelings to, so you get more opinions and different advice.

Important Tips:-

*Have a wide circle of close friends and family members you can share private information with.
* Keeping a balance between the things you do for yourself and the things you have others doing for you.
*Give this procedure some time, especially if you’re super close to them.
*Don’t desert the person you’re dependent on! STAY IN TOUCH, just meet new people.


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