Some Awesome Mind Blowing Tricks !

This ia a simple math magic. Here involved few maths tricks to play. You can play these number tricks as instructed, with your parents or friends and prove your talent to them. Have fun with maths.

Math Magic / Number fun / Maths Tricks

Trick 1: 2’s trick
Step1: Think of a number .
Step2: Multiply it by 3.
Step3: Add 6 with the getting result.
Step4: divide it by 3.
Step5: Subtract it from the first number used.


Trick 2: Any Number
Step1: Think of any number.
Step2: Double the number.
Step3: Add 9 with result.
Step4: sub 3 with the result.
Step5: Divide the result by 2.
Step6: Subtract the number with the number with first number started with.

Answer: 3

Trick 3: Any three digit Number
Step1:Add 7 to it.
Step2:Multiply the number with 2.
Step3:subtract 4 with the result.
Step4: Divide the result by 2.
Step5:Subtract it from the number started with.

Answer: 5


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