Every Little Makes A Mickle

Every Little Makes A Mickle!

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In the world, nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes.
– Benjamin Franklin

Putting a quote at the top of a page is an old trick, one that serves several useful functions. First, it takes up space, which is the primary goal of all writing. Second, it creates the illusion that I’ve done a lot of quality research, scouring the great works of history to find just the right sentiment or philosophy to tie together whatever it is I’m trying to say. And third, nobody ever argues with Benjamin Franklin, so it’s a safe place to start. For example, he also said, “Tis a well spent penny that saves a groat.” See what I mean? A little while ago, when I read that for the first time, I found myself nodding in agreement, even though I have no idea what a groat is, or why it…

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