How To Create Invisible Folder !

We always create folder for our own needs. But sometimes we want to hide some information. For this reason we Hide the folder. But there are some computer tricks by which we can create an invisible folder. You can do fun by making Invisible Folder. In this computer tricks you can find the process to make an invisible folder.
Making Invisible Folder:
To make invisible folder at first we have to create a folder. Then follow the steps which are given below:
Create a folder without name:
1. After creating folder then right click on the folder by mouse.
2. Click on Rename.
3. Delete the name of the folder by pressing Backspace or Delete.
4. Then press Alt button on keyboard and hold on it then press 2 5 5 on the Num pad of the keyboard.
5. Then press Enter. A nameless folder has created.
Change folder Icon into the Blank Icon:
1. Right click on the folder by mouse.
2. Click Properties.
3. Then click ‘Customize Option’ and go to ’Change Icon option’.
4. Then find out a blank icon by click in to the Right or Left arrow.
5. Click on a blank icon.

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