How to Thank Someone !

Have you ever wanted to show someone you appreciate what they have done for you? It can feel rather hard to thank someone who has really helped you in some way but it is important, as people appreciate genuine acknowledgment of their kindness, and it helps to encourage more goodwill in the world.


  • If thanking in person, look them in the eye, or even hold their hands. It will show you’re genuine.
  • If someone is nice to you, give him or her a kiss on the cheek.
  • You may be thinking that thanking somebody should seem a relatively easy and routine task. But it isn’t always so. It might help you to remember, before anything else, that if you don’t thank somebody, they may not mind, but they will remember the lack of gratitude. Even unconsciously, this can weigh in a person’s mind as to whether or not they’ll help you next time.
  • Do not shower a person with praise. Rather than feeling appreciated, they many feel that you’re hedging for something in return. Too much praise can even feel like an insult, when it comes across as obsequious flattery.
  • Ask a close friend or family member to tell you the last time somebody thanked them for something. Remember what that means the next time you’re out of the house.

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