About me

Ofcourse, i am curious by nature because Curiosity allows me to shed light on my troubles, thoughts, and personal circumstances.  It motivates me to uncover the truth about the nuances of my life.  When curiosity is properly honed, it serves as a vehicle for establishing personal goals. I look at a challenge from multiple angles.  I discover alternative ways of accomplishing the same task.  The greater the pool of possible solutions, the more likely it is that they will expose a better way to get things done.

Mostly I wanted a blog because, Hey I have opinions. I have things I want to talk about. I have crazy ideas and schemes and theories. I am a life form full of possibilities, disappointments and expectations. I need to rant and vent and think and say these things. I’ve tried to write a journal, I’ve even tried an audio journal. But these never seem to work out for me, I hate the thought of just talking/writing to no one. And with a blog, the chances of someone reading my blog are small, but there still is a chance. Will the things I write benefit anyone? I don’t know, my name isn’t anyone.

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